New EU state of nature report

We need to make a radical change if we are to have a real chance of bringing biodiversity back to Europe on the path of environmental recovery by 2030, as envisaged in the new biodiversity strategy. Failure on this front will result in the constant erosion not only of our common natural heritage but also of the vital services it provides, which ultimately support our health and prosperity.

This is the main message of the new report on The state of nature in the European Union from the European Environment Agency which describes the state of nature in the EU based on the reports of the Member States under the Birds Directive (2009 / 147 / EC) and Habitat (92/43 / EEC) and on subsequent assessments at the biogeographical level of the EU.

In addition to an overview of the state of species and habitats, both at national and EU level, the report also addresses the state of the Natura 2000 network and its possible contribution to the state of species and habitats.

Finally, the report provides results on progress towards objectives 1 and 3 of the EU 2020 biodiversity strategy.