Some of the habitats and species listed among those of priority interest by the Habitat Directive and the Birds Directive in Lombardy have an unfavorable conservation status or lack specific action plans.

Therefore, among the goals of the GESTIRE2020 project actions are the drafting of action plans, which will coordinate conservation action all over the region area, and the implementation of concrete actions aimed at improving habitats status.

  • Lombardy region flora Action Plan and development of conservation actions and measures – Action A10.
  • Planning and implementation of working programs for improvements in composition, structure and wildlife suitability of state-owned forest habitats in order to define best practices – Actions A8 and C13.
  • Activities aiming at improvements in forest planting stock production in order to secure biodiversity conservation, especially in the production of resistant oak (Quercus Robur L.) ecotypes and phenotypes – Actions A6 and C14.