LIFE GESTIRE2020 is an innovative and experimental project for the conservation of biodiversity in Lombardy, cofinanced by the European Commission in the framework of the LIFE+ Program.

LIFE GESTIRE 2020 aims at implementing an integrated strategy for Natura 2000 network in lombary in 6 lines of action:

Improve the governance and management models of the Natura 2000 regional network through an increase of capacity building activities of stakeholders involved in managing of the regional network.

Implement concrete actions for the conservation of habitats and flora species.

Implement concrete actions for the conservation of animal species.

Prevent and contrast the spread of invasive alien species.

Monitor conservation status of protected habitats and species.

Build and strenghten ecological networks, to better connect protected areas.

The project is:

Experimental” because the management of the Natura 2000 network in Lombardy is being implemented with the involvement of all management bodies of Natura 2000. This is one of the first experiments in Italy to work on the improvement of the management of the system of the European network of protected areas on the ground, facilitating the exchange of experiences and sharing of know-how and strategies with and among management bodies, optimizing the use of resources and investment to implement the priority actions for the conservation of biodiversity identified by the PAF.

Innovative” because it is one of six projects funded by the European Commission in 2015 – and only one in Italy -on the new funding line of “Integrated Projects”, whose characteristic is the long-term (8 years), significant financial resources made available by LIFE, and long-term vision.

Integrated” because in addition to direct investments of LIFE funds, other EU funds, regional and private have been identified to ensure the conservation of biodiversity in Lombardy, including RDP funds, ESF, regional green areas fund and Cariplo Foundation funds.

This is the innovation brought by integrated projects and LIFE GESTIRE2020 is at the forefront in implementing the directions of European integration of EU funds as a solution to achieve multiple objectives of territorial development.

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