The new EU Farm to Fork Strategy

Adopted on May 2020 the EU Farm to Fork Strategy aims to substantially overhaul Europe’s complex food system in order to render it healthy, equitable and sustainable. The strategy targets every step of the food chain from its initial production, manufacturing and processing to its final packaging, transportation, sale and consumption.

The strategy presents a new comprehensive approach to reach a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system for the EU. To achieve this, the strategy sets out three specific objectives: to ensure that the entire food chain, from food production, transport and distribution, to marketing and consumption, has a neutral or positive environmental impact; to promote food security, nutrition and public health; and finally to preserve the affordability of food, while generating fairer economic returns in the supply chain, so that ultimately the most sustainable food also becomes the most affordable.

To facilitate the transition, the European Commission has announced a package of actions and other commitments to be rolled out over the coming years. This will start with a legislative proposal for a framework for a sustainable food system before the end of 2023 to promote policy coherence at EU and national level, mainstream sustainability in all food-related policies and strengthen the resilience of food systems.

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