Resource nexus and the European Green Deal

Europe’s drive towards sustainability would benefit from a wider and joint approach to the use of the vital resources that underpin the functioning of core production and consumption systems according to the EEA briefing Resource nexus and the European Green Deal.

The EEA briefing puts forward the concept of the ‘resource nexus’ which specifically looks at the interlinkages between resources. It looks at the role the nexus can play in supporting policy coherence and integration in the context of the European Green Deal.

Applying the ‘resource nexus’ to policies can help generate information on synergies and trade-offs across multiple resource-related goals.

The report characterises existing interactions among the nodes of the EEA’s re-source nexus framework (i.e. water, energy, food, land, materials, and ecosystems, climate and health). Particular emphasis is placed on interactions yielding synergies and trade-offs between resource uses. Key synergies and trade-offs are identified based on a literature review of publications on the interactions between two or more of the relevant natural capital components (nodes of the resource nexus).