Soil consumption and ecosystem services

On July 22, ISPRA, the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, presented in a live conference, new data on soil consumption in Italy and the 2020 edition of the Report of the National System for the Protection of the Environment.

According to the report “Land Consumption, Land Cover Changes, and Ecosystem Services”, produced by the Italian National System for Environmental Protection (SNPA) in charge for land cover and land consumption monitoring activities, the increase in consumption of soil does not go hand in hand with population growth and in Italy cement grows more than the population: 420,000 children were born in 2019 while sealed soil advanced by another 57 km2 (57 million square meters) at the confirmed rate, of 2 square meters per second. It is as if each new born Italian brought in the cradle 135 square meters of concrete.

The Report, with the annexed maps and indicators databases, analyses land processes and assesses land consumption impact on landscape and soil ecosystem services, furnishes information also at the regional scale, with interesting data on the Lombardy region.

For the video registration of the conference and to download the report visit the dedicated page of ISPRA website.