Amphibians need you! Training for volounteers for a new monitoring campaign

With the end of winter the second monitoring campaign on amphibians and reptiles is starting in Lombardy.

Help from motivated and prepared volounteers is needed. WWF is organizing 2 training events for volounteers on monitoring and how to recognize species of amphibians and reptiles, in particular Rana latastei, Pelobate fuscus insubricus and Emys orbicularis:

Sunday 12th February , at 9.30 Oasi WWF Le Bine in Parco Oglio Sud.

Saturday 4th March at Centro di educazione ambientale “Alex Langer” at Oasi Lipu di Cesano Maderno, in Parco delle Groane.

To learn more on the results of the first monitoring campaign.