General Aim

The GESTIRE project wishes to contribute to the implementation of the European 2020 Strategy – which aims at halting the loss of biodiversity loss and eco system services – through three main specific objectives:


1st specific objective: creating a shared and participatory system for the management of the Natura 2000 Network of Lombardy and the maintenance and restoration of sites, species and habitats at a favorable status.

2nd specific objective: producing a long term strategy plan for the management and restoration of sites, species and habitats at a favourable status, taking into consideration European, national and regional fund, and establishing a list of actions to develop in the next ten years.

3rd specific objective: Increasing the level of attention and awareness in citizens towards the Natura 2000 areas. aumentare il livello di attenzione e consapevolezza dei cittadini nei confronti delle aree Natura 2000.